Conduct 1,000s of job interviews while you Go Skiing

ScreenDoor revolutionizes recruitment by automating the processing of large volumes of candidates, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to conduct highly efficient and effective initial screener interviews on autopilot.

How It Works

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Start Interviewing My Candidates

Swiftly engage a ScreenDoor Virtual Recruiting Assistant to conduct an interview on your behalf.
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Reduce Time-To-Hire

It takes the average human recruiter 2 weeks to perform initial screeners for a new role. When our virtual recruiter is on the job, it is done instantly.

Reduce Talent Acquisition Cost

It can cost companies close to $20 per screener interview, with ScreenDoor at your side, these interviews cost less than a dollar.

Reduce Bias

We're all susceptible to passing early judgement on candidates based off information like 'Where they went to school' or 'What year they graduated school'. Let our Virtual Recruiter give everyone a fair chance by really unearthing candidates strength, weaknesses and cultural fit.